Hart Salon — Taking The WTF Out Of Damn Good Hair

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The Deets —

Brand Foundation:

We led Hart Salon through a full audit and helped them to establish their foundational brand elements including: target audiences, mission, values, and USPs. As a result, the salon and its co-founder stylists are strategically positioned to serve a highly-engaged clientele both locally and afar.

Social Media Strategy and Management:

We created a custom content strategy highlighting Pinterest and Instagram as primary channels. The objectives were to: increase perceived brand value by current and prospective clients, create cross-channel content, and take advantage of opportunities to grow their following, reach, and industry-wide connections.


As the Hart brand evolved to a more all-encompassing lifestyle beauty brand, we designed a website to support their overall content strategy, service bookings, and multiple revenue streams—including a separate stylist portal and shop-able product features.  


Hart Salon came to Re: Brand HQ with a twofold mission: educate their incredible clients on taking care of their hair, and create an accessible and inspiring resource for other stylists to learn what they won’t in school.

These ladies know *all* about damn good hair, and we helped them develop & package their signature 12-20 week technique (yes, you read that right… their clients only have to get their hair colored every 3-5 months) all while staying #tousledAF. They are the queens of low-maintenance hair care and have the experience to school anyone on all things color—and their commitment to continued learning keeps them always on top of their game.

We had an absolute blast working with these two and crafting their Girl-Power-Meets-LA-Grunge vibes throughout their social media and website. Check it out and give them a follow @hartsalonstl!

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Hart Salon
Photography by  Ashley Lentz . Full website coming soon — stay tuned :)

Photography by Ashley Lentz. Full website coming soon — stay tuned :)



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