Get To Know Alyssa — Unfiltered

Get To Know Alyssa

Hey friends, it’s me. Alyssa.

That’s uh-LEE-suh (yes I’ve spent my whole life correcting people, it’s fine).

I’m the designer & creative director half of this rbhq duo and I wanted to give you the “extended about page” of me and my background as a designer/human/nap quane. That said, I also don’t need this to be the most boring thing you’ve ever read so I’m going to do my best to make it fun and, as always, visually interesting.

Here goes… see you on the other side!

xx, Alyssa

What is your life motto?

You are always exactly where you’re supposed to be.

As a lifelong wanderlust, this one really speaks to me. Everywhere I’ve been has given me something so valuable. But I also have a hard time sitting still. So… this.


What is the best part of the design process for you?

Hands down, a mood board. I love them so much I create most of my designs to have a mood board effect: messy, candid, intricate details. I love it.

Here’s where rbhq started!

Re: Brand HQ Mood Board

What’s on your bucket list?

I don’t know what it is about a leisurely summer road trip, but it’s a romantic notion I’ve latched on to. So I’m determined to at least do these five:

Pacific Coast Highway (USA)

Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland)

South Island Circuit (New Zealand)

Avenue of the Baobabs (Madagascar)

The Garden Route (South Africa)


Favorite color:

Don’t get me started on colors *heart eyes*. But it’s usually whatever the Pantone Color Of The Year is.

~ L I V I N G ~ for living coral.


When did you start designing?

TBH it was a bit of an accident. Or that’s what I like to tell people. I was working my first office job for a teeny tiny dance production company in New York and they put me on Social Media duty. I needed graphics and I had a vision—so I jumped into Microsoft Publisher (future me shed a tear) and made them my damn self.

From there I was hooked and eventually went back to school to learn the right way* to do graphic design.

*Pro tip: “the right way” doesn’t exist. Don’t go hunting for it :)


Dogs or cats?

Has dog; is deathly allergic to cats.


Favorite design quote:

is just connecting things.

When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.

-Steve Jobs


What do you do on days off?

I prefer to work when I’m inspired and not when I’m… not. Which means I actually work nearly every day of the week at least a little bit!

#nodaysoff #butitsfine #lovemyjob

That said, most afternoons involve a siesta and a latte.


What is your design philosophy?

In design—as in life—I believe everything should be done with utmost intentionality. Every detail, every choice, should have a distinct purpose. So much so that replacing it with anything else would lessen the effect.

I also think a little rule breaking does a girl good. My favorite websites have been the ones where I just say:

“F*ck usability, I’m making art.”

What has been your favorite design to date?

Ashley and I both have our own thing in addition to rbhq—I design website templates and she is a life/goal/wellness/creativity coach—so of course I pulled out all the stops for her logo suite and website. It turned out BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself. Check it out.

Ashley Home Page Showit Design Layout.png

Who were you in a past life?

I used to be a professional dancer (not that kind)! It feels like a full lifetime ago but I still enjoy movement of all kinds. Now it shows up in the form of yoga.