Get To Know Alyssa — Unfiltered
Hart Salon — Taking The WTF Out Of Damn Good Hair

Hart Salon came to Re: Brand HQ with a twofold mission: educate their incredible clients on taking care of their hair, and create an accessible and inspiring resource for other stylists to learn what they won’t in school.

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Ditch Strategy. Do This Instead.

Did we get your attention? No strategy?...What?!

Our guess is that you likely fall into one of two camps: You either think we’re batshit and firmly believe that strategy is the mother of success, OR you read the title and are currently mirror dancing and lip syncing to B*tch Better Have My Money.

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Keep It Simple, Sister — 5 Things To Do Today To Get Launched Already

You are a rocket, baby, countdown to launch.

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Defining Success for Yourself

From working with creative entrepreneurs through this site and our studio, and coaching ambitious women in my life-coaching business, it’s become quite clear that “success” might take the cake for the #1 definition-less, or at least definition-bending, word. We all seem to want whatever the word has to offer, but few seem to have defined it for themselves.

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Multipassionate For What? (Our 3-Step Process for Deciding What Biz to Start)

When it comes to deciding what direction to go with the many business ideas you’ve had swirling around in your mind for months (ahem, maybe even years), one of the greatest blocks can come from not knowing exactly what to choose.

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